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Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions. Please take a look over them and if you cant find what you are looking for please give our lovely customer service team a call and they will be able help you.

How can I access details of the Home Emergency Insurance?

A copy of our Insurance Product Information Document can be seen here.

Who and What is Better Home Cover?

We are a provider of Home Emergency Insurance and associated Non-Insurance Services and Products, throughout the whole of the UK for homeowners and landlords. We provide you with urgent assistance with repairs for emergencies in your home. We can also arrange to service your boiler and issue you with a Gas Safety Certificate.

What is the maximum value that I can claim for?

Claims are limited to £5,000 per claim or £5,000 during any one annual period of insurance, and you receive unlimited call outs.

Do you cover all boilers?

Unlike most Home Emergency providers, we not only cover gas boilers, but electric boilers, LPG-fuelled boilers, and oil-fuelled boilers too.

How do I change or update my details?

Please email HappyHelpers@betterhomecover.com or call our customer services team.

What are your response times?

Our UK-wide team of closely-managed expert engineers will aim to attend to your emergency within four hours, or at a time that suits you, and that includes evenings and weekends.

Are all costs really included?

Within your Home Emergency Insurance, we will cover all the costs less your excess if you have chosen one – up to the limits stated in your schedule.

My boiler is old. Will you still cover it?

Our Home Emergency Insurance excludes all Boilers that are over 15 years old.

Can I choose to pay monthly or annually?

All our products can be paid monthly or annually. For new Customers we can arrange premium finance instalments.

How many repairs can I have every year?

The number of repairs is Unlimited but the maximum amount you can claim in any one period of insurance is £5,000.

I have questions, can I speak with somebody?

For Emergencies you can always contact our 24 hour UK Claims Centre on 0800 862 0833 select option 1

For general enquiries our customer service line is open Monday – Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm. Our number is 0800 862 0833 select option 5.

Is the Home Emergency Insurance cheaper if I choose an Excess ?

Yes, you can choose a £49 or £95 excess.

How long is the Home Emergency Insurance for?

Your contract period is twelve months. We offer a one-off annual payment or a monthly payment option which is spread over twelve monthly payments.

Why is the annual boiler service so important?

Your boiler must be serviced every year to keep it safe and running the way it should. A key part of our products is that we perform a full service which means we disassemble the boiler, clean it thoroughly and carry out a number of tests. This work is vital to ensure your boiler and wider heating system works efficiently and correctly. Don’t worry there is no mess and we should be finished in under an hour.

When will the boiler service and health check be carried out?

We will aim to contact you by email within 5 days to arrange boiler service at your convenience. We would like to carry it out as soon as possible although you can defer it to a later date.

Do I need to be present?

You do not need to be present but we will require access into the property and there must be an adult (over 18) present. If you are a landlord then we can arrange access via your tenant or managing agent.

Do you cover flats as well as houses?

Yes, we do.

What don't you cover?

We currently do not cover business or commercial premises or mobile homes.

Do I need to pay the excess for every claim?

If you have chosen a Home Emergency Insurance with an Excess, then you will need to pay this Excess. However, the Excess is only due once per repair. If we don’t fix it first time then you will not need to pay for our second visit.

How does Better Home Cover ensure the highest standards from their engineers?

In partnership with LIM emergency, we have a large network of engineers. These engineers have been vetted. We work hard to ensure the highest standards with strict focus on expertise and customer service.

How do I make a claim for a repair?

Just call our UK 24hr response team on 0800 862 0833 select option 1 and we will get one of our expert engineers to you as soon as possible.

Can you cover my Saniflo toilets

Unfortunately, we are not able to do so.

Can you cover my gas fire?

Unfortunately, we are not able to do so.

How can I check what the Home Emergency Insurance covers?

Our Insurance Product Information Document is on this website under any of our Products. Once you have signed up, we will email you a Schedule & details of the Terms and Conditions. Please contact our customer services team on 0800 862 0833 select option 5 if you have any questions.

Can I transfer my Home Emergency Insurance to my new house?

Yes of course. Please notify us of your new details as soon as you move. We will need to carry out a new boiler service and health check for your new property.

How can I renew?

We will get in touch with you 21 days before your contract expires to inform you that it is time for your renewal. Unless we hear from you, or you opt out of it, we will renew your contract automatically.

How do I make a complaint?

We take your concerns very seriously and will do everything we can to make it right.

Please write to our Resolutions Team (resolutions@betterhomecover.com) with your complaint. We will acknowledge receipt and work to try if possible to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

You can also call us on 0800 862 0833 Option 5 and we will be very happy to assist.

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